November 2018 saw the release of deadmau5‘s mau5ville: Level 2 compilation EP via his legendary mau5trap label. Yesterday, deadmau5 unleashed a brand new video for his Mr. Bill collab, “10.8,” and it was certainly worth the wait.

The beautiful track deserved a video that is equally as stunning, and that’s exactly what it got. Animated by an all-star team of Funilab, Felix Steif, and Sneekypops using a one-of-a-kind VR animation tool, Quill, the video brings an amalgamation of unique visuals and surreal scenes. Beginning with a dark cityscape, we close in on Mr. Bill’s iconic potato character and an animated deadmau5 traversing the city in their bright neon ride, before going to outer space, a futuristic rave, and even catching a glimpse of Heaven’s gates.

The care and attention to detail here is what really makes the visuals come alive. “The idea for this video was to exploit the technical possibilities that Quill allows you to perform, like going from a very small object to something as big as the moon in a few seconds,” says Funilab mastermind Funi, a.k.a Simone Fougnier. “Deadmau5 and Mr. Bill’s tune was crazy enough to be the perfect soundtrack for this experiment. We rush from one section to the other only to realize, in the end, that all of those were just fiction, playing on screens while Bill and mau5 are half asleep in a messy room. Music makes you go anywhere, even if you’re in a pizza induced coma.”

First connecting on gaming and streaming platform Twitch, deadmau5 and Mr. Bill have since been longtime friends and collaborators, with mau5trap releasing several of Mr. Bill’s projects, most recently being his IDM-based Apophenia LP, and the newest upcoming Electrocado EP. “It’s great to be able to bring Funi, an artist, friend and close collaborator who I have been working with for a decade and who has been a major part of creating the Mr. Bill brand and the little potato Bill avatar, into the mau5trap family with this incredibly detailed and immersive video pushing the boundaries of VR artistry,” says Mr. Bill.

Watch the incredible video below and check out the rest of deadmau5’s mau5ville: Level 2 here.

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