Out of all the amazing dubstep coming out in recent years, Trampa‘s always been someone I could count on to deliver the straight-up nasty, no holds barred bass in your face that I love so much. This new EP delivers on that and oh so much more. The aptly titled Knockout EP debuted today on Never Say Die Black Label, and let me tell ya, it’s quite the banger.

The title track opens with a drop that can best be described as a punch in the face, with booming bass that was made for headbanging. Track two, “Walloed,” serves up more of the same, never relenting, with a second drop that sounds like insanity (in a good way). “Coming at Ya” dials things up even more with a drop so energetic it will knock you off your feet, while the closer “Ceremony” sees collaborator Rico Act hyping things up before a drop that just begs to be moshed to.

Along with his fire EP, Trampa has also announced Round 1 of the Knockout Tour, coming to 10 cities spanning the US, Canada, and Europe. See all the dates and cop your tickets here, and try not to break your neck streaming the Knockout EP below:

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