Although Jordan Hollywood isn’t new to the rap scene, he only recently released his new EP, FINALLY!. 

This EP is jam-packed with collabs with Lil Baby and Ronny J, along with some stellar production from house name Hitmaka. Jordan has worked as a co-writer for Jason Derulo, French Montana and others. Hollywood has been releasing music since 2011, which includes ghostwriting for different rappers. This jack of all trades has also collaborated with Lil Durk, Tory Lanez, Yo Gotti, and platinum producer Smash David. Check out an interview I had the privilege of having with Jordan Hollywood below.

How long did it take you to find your ideal sound?

It took me until the ‘Sorry For This’ album, which dropped in 2016.  I didn’t find my sound until I did that first project. 

What was the hardest part about dropping out of school to pursue music?

The hardest part was being home in the daytime by myself while everyone was at school. Some days were boring when I was working in the studio every day. Sometimes you don’t go to the studio until nighttime and it just got lonely at times. Everyone hates school until school’s over and then you kinda miss it a little bit.   

Can you describe the emotional turmoil that is portrayed in your new music video for “EXPLOSION?”

Trying to escape. In a lot of my videos, I run. If you watch the “Trill Shit” video, I ran the same way I was running in “EXPLOSION.” I knew when we did “EXPLOSION,” I wanted it to be a war movie.  But in what way? What was the concept? Every video to me has to have a concept. It has to make sense with my vision. It has to make sense. I think the reason why the “Trill Shit” and “EXPLOSION” videos had me running was because I’m just trying to get away from my problems. The bullshit, the fake friends, the drama, the wackness. It’s almost like I’m trying to survive, you know? I’m just running. I had people try to take me out every day. I had more haters. Nobody wants to see you win but you’re just trying to avoid all obstacles.

What keeps your hustle going?

Knowing that the more successful I get, the more people I can help change their lives. If you become a millionaire, you can help some people.  If you make 100 million dollars, you can help a lot of people. 

Who do you want to collaborate with that you haven’t before?

The Weeknd. 

What is your most favorite song you’ve released and why?

My favorite song that I ever released is definitely off the ‘Sorry For This’ album. Definitely “Trill Shit.”  That was the turning point in my career. That was the first single off my first project. It was my first million streams on Spotify. It was just amazing. I don’t know. It was just so personal because it was about people trying to lock me into situations, me being a songwriter and not getting paid, being signed to a record label and being shelved. That was everything I felt at that time. Everything is in that song.  The video as I explained in the last question was me running away from all of those problems I was dealing with at that time. It was a turning point in my career and in my life. That’s when I stopped writing, that’s when I moved back from LA back home to Florida. Me and one of my producers SmashDavid had just met so we had that energy.  It was my intro project and it just set the pace for everything else.

What’s a big goal for you this upcoming year?

Tour. Tour, tour, tour, tour.   

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