Late last week, l’Hexagone hit makers IVORY & SampliFire set free their dubstep extended play tagged Termination through London-based Never Say Die Records. Quickly accumulating plays, this 15-minute release proves that these NSD: Black Label horsemen are a force to be reckoned with.

In a hot off the press interview, SampliFire’s Samy Beyou and IVORY’s Andy Caboche touch on France’s flourishing bass movement and why tastemakers like SKisM have taken notice.

Where was the initial concept for Termination conceived?

SampliFire: The concept was to build a collaboration EP with four tracks, aiming to write especially dancefloor-oriented music with high energy and heavy impact. I’m quite proud of the outcome and hopefully, the fans will be too!

What were some trials and tribulations you faced while creating this record?

IVORY: Honestly, my main struggle was to make my sounds fit with Samy’s sounds, as we both mix our tracks differently. We don’t have the same creative process either, but we finally managed to produce a homogeneous collaboration.

S: Doing a collaboration on one track with another producer is easy; you can stem it and bounce back then—boom—done. However, building a full-length EP has its challenges. You’ll have to embrace the other’s viewpoint, and take it to the next level. We swapped our projects from the DAW, so we had to make sure everything would open without error, etc. A little risky, but we made it work.

Tell us why audiophiles should care about France’s dubstep scene?

I: The French dubstep scene continues to evolve every few years. There are a lot of talented artists, and most of them deserve a bigger spotlight than they have right now. We are trying to do our bit for the scene as much as possible—we’ll invade you all soon!

S: I guess every country’s audiophile should care about good music; when it comes to French bass music, the shows are getting bigger and bigger (e.g., ANIMALZ, Ambassad). The production teams are in constant evolvement, so I’m pretty sure 2019 will be a busy year for everyone here.

What would an outdoors event showcasing the growth of the French bass music landscape look like?

I: A stage made only of baguettes. Seriously, a few stages with both well-known and upcoming artists playing together would be good. Some exclusive b2b sets, so the people in the crowd can discover new artists while enjoying their favorites at the same time.

S: I’d probably start with a crazy, big sound system and stacked lineup: every French DJ would get his or her own spot. All the French homies would be there (e.g., ECRAZE, Graphyt, Answerd, GANON, Nacha, Playfull, Nost, Mashok, Diskirz). Hosting a show like that would have to go down in Paris. Imagine how mad that would be.

Describe Samy and Andy’s friendship in three French words, and add a brief explanation as to why you chose each one.

I: 1. “Du sale” which means “dirty.” We always tell that to each other before or during a b2b set. It means we’ll go hard.

2. “FDP” means “motherfucker.” Seems weird, but it’s always used to show some love.

3. ”FL GANG,” this isn’t French, but it represents our love for the software we both use to make our music.

S: 1. “Mass” is a reference to the legend ECRAZE, and it means “a lot.” This word was only used by him, and now we pretty much say it every day.

2. “Sale” equals a dirty sound.

3. “Frrr” or “frere” is for brother.

How does Termination‘s cover art reflect the sights and sounds of this release?

I: A skull and some weapons, show the heaviness of the tracks and the aggressive idea behind the project.

S: “Game over,” “Power,” “Hustlers” and “Riddim Killa” equal skull and sword: It just works.

IVORY, when will The Wizards make a comeback?

I: Life is sometimes challenging. MED had some issues that couldn’t allow him to make music anymore, and I didn’t want to work on The Wizards alone; it’s always been a team effort. I decided to focus all of my energy on my main project IVORY, and I learned a lot during the past three years. Recently, MED told me he’ll be back: we will work on some music together soon. Dubstep evolved and our tastes did as well. We will just take the time we need to create the content our fans are waiting for.

Samy, congratulations on earning your master’s degree! How’s chasing SampliFire full-time?

S: Thanks a lot. It’s a relief to finally be able to do music full-time. My weeks are made of working on some upcoming projects abroad, producing, tutoring and preparing for shows. It’s pretty sick.

Feast your eyes on IVORY & SampliFire’s Termination EP below.

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