2018 was an exciting year for us dance music lovers. To put things in perspective, the platform 1001 Tracklists reveals their data-driven year-end report. It presents a comprehensive overview of the tracks and the sets that defined the dance music scene in 2018, with detailed analysis on top tracks, breakdowns by genres and much more.

If you don’t already know, 1001 Tracklists is a platform where you can find out the names of the tracks played in different sets. With a huge database, 1001 Tracklists is able to generate a completely objective visualization of each producers’ achievements.

From the report, we can see that Fisher‘s “Losing It” is absolutely crushing it and some older tracks, such as Nitti Gritti‘s remix of “Lights”, were still making waves in 2018. House was the most played genre and Camelphat took the top three spots on the house chart.

Top tracks by genre are shown below but you can find the complete report here.
1001 Presents A State Of Dance Music 2018