Brooklyn-based producer wev shares his debut EP, www, with us today. This EP is here to prove that wev is one of the house scene’s most exciting prospects if this album is anything to go by.

Www is a multidimensional house effort that displays wev’s vision. “Find yourself” opens the EP with an immersive and moving sound palette, diving deep into the dark cosmic of soothing fluidity. The spacey soundscape and hypnotic vocals construct the impeccable after-hours anthem for a languorous listen. In contrast, “hsl” weaves a classic yet futuristic web with layers of live sax. Traversing the robust rhythm, wev pulls together the track for a deep house finesse. With its cavernous depth, “close 2 me” delivers a unique ambiance to wrap up the EP and has you lost in the deep ocean of emotions.

I want to take listeners into my world. Much of my creative process musically is inspired by visual concepts, specifically early 3D / early computer graphics, Nintendo 64 era video games, primitives, and environments. The songs are both a spatial and temporal experience- they take you to a nostalgic, melancholy place and move you forward through a lingering moment of evanescence,” wev shares.

Listen to the EP below.

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