Following the release of a couple singles over the last few days, Kompany’s Metropolis EP is out in its entirety today. Comprised of four tracks, most of which are IDs whose releases have been anticipated for some time, Metropolis features ample amounts of filthy bass and unique sound design. The artist weaves several points of influence throughout the release, traversing across genres such as riddim, trap, and midtempo. Each track, though unique in its own right, possesses Kompany’s heavy signature sound and is sure to be well received by fans and new listeners alike.

Kompany, emerging from the shadows of anonymity, has proved to be one of the more promising bass music acts over the last several years. Having perfected his craft in the esteemed halls of Icon Collective, Kompany is now bringing his music to a global audience. Blending versatile sound design with aggressive forms of bass music, the artist has amassed well over eight million streams on SoundCloud alone. With an arsenal of releases under his belt, Kompany has cemented his place within the industry.

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