Los Angeles’ lo-fi hip-hop songsmith and WEDIDIT label head—Shlohmo—published his upcoming album’s title track “The End” via Friends of Friends Music / WEDIDIT; Shlohmo’s healthy fascination with doomsday cults, Teenage Engineering‘s pocket operators plus toy drum machines led him to create this bewitching beat.

Shlohmo’s Henry Laufer has operated alongside rap royalty like Lil Yachty, Jeremih, Chance The Rapper, Yung Lean as well as Post Malone. Furthermore, Laufer scored A24‘s movie “Share” which debuted at Sundance on Jan. 25 and HBO films acquired shortly thereafter.

The End, Shlohmo’s first LP since 2015’s Dark Red, is scheduled to hit a streaming service near you on March 22.

“The album is vaguely about The End of the world but from the viewpoint of smoking on the couch during the extinction event, reading a nice book while the meteor hits—the fake peace of peace of insularity during chaos,” said Laufer.

Track Listing

1 – Rock Music
2 – “The End”
3 – “Hopeless”
4 – “Eating Away”
5 – “Headache of the Year”
6 – “Ungrateful”
7 – “Staring At A Wall”
8 – “We Sat In The Car”
9 – “Panic Attack”
10 – “Watching A Video”
11 – “The Best Of Me”
12 – “By Myself”
13 – “Still Life”

Download Shlohmo’s single “The End” here.

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