Ariana Grande is having one hell of a year and pushing the current pop music scene to a new level. Most importantly, her hit releases are perfect for musicians and artists in other realms to experiment and create together with. Folded Dragons and Grazy Grace’s remix of “7 Rings” will surely please listeners across genres, from pop enthusiasts to bass heads.

The new reimagined version of “7 Rings” perfectly meshes the sweetness of the original and the dark elements of bass music together. As multidimensionally rich emotions ooze from Grace’s ethereal toplines, Folded Dragons’ uncanny knack for impactful production touches all listeners on an unmatched level. More surprisingly, Folded Dragons builds bridges and breaks boundaries by interlacing a hint of oriental sounds with vibrant contemporary future bass & trap sounds.

I absolutely love working with Grace. We were bouncing ideas back and forth casually when Ariana Grande dropped her original “7 rings”. I remember listening to it for the first time and kind of instinctively knowing that this was the perfect fit for Grace and I to do a cover on. Here, she could show off her unique flair in voice while I could be more experimental than I usually am with my production-style. I sent her an instrumental idea that very same day and she got back to me a moment later saying she was down. She was in Korea when we agreed on this but once she got back, the song came together very quickly! It was done in about a week!” Folded Dragons shares.

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