We are not here to talk about Apashe‘s recent Twitter beef with Calvin Harris. We are here to celebrate the release of Apashe’s groundbreaking new EP, The Good, The Bad & The Fake. The Belgium-born, Montreal resident producer has never been shy from creating brooding and bleeding-edge soundscapes. This EP serves as a follow-up of his illustrious, Mozart-inspired project, Requiem, but it is even more monstrous and compelling and arrives through the revered Kannibalen Records.

It is hard to define the sound of The Good, The Bad & The Fake, just because it is so experimental and innovative. If I have to describe the EP in only one sentence, I would say all three records would be picked up by George R. R. Martin for the soundtracks of Game of Thrones if he ever decided to shoot a rave scene in King’s Landing. Opening up and setting down the underlying heroic tone, “Good News” is an epic extolling the good inside us, with a breathtaking rendition of a classical piano melody and heart-wrenching bass-heavy drops. Following up, Apashe redefines the concept of genres by combining dubstep and opera, pushing the mastery of sonic parameters to an unmatched level with “Bad News.” Wrapping up the trilogy, “Fake News” is an absolutely hypnotizing lure ridden with a haunting, sizzling texture.

I can hear the influence of multiple genres in this one EP. I cannot imagine how Apashe puts all these divergent elements together and he did it so damn well. This is my favorite EP in months, without any doubt. Apashe is writing the Homeric Hymns of bass music in the modern age with The Good, The Bad & The Fake. Words simply can’t do it justice and you HAVE TO listen to the EP to get on the journey Apashe takes you on back to the medieval times. Well done Apashe, well done.

Stream the EP here.

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