A lot of questions can arise when it comes to the first year of an annual festival. Attendees might wonder about whether or not the venue is easily accessible, how well the curators organized the event and many other potential issues.

However, when it comes to the inaugural Forbidden Kingdom Music Festival, the individuals behind the event delivered on what will certainly be a staple in the bass music industry for many years to come. Following the undeniable success of FKMF 2019 and considering the plans they have for the future, here are five reasons why we’ll be going back to Forbidden Kingdom next year.

Overall Execution of FKMF 2019

For a weekend, Sunset Cove Amphitheater was the home base of the Forbidden Kingdom. Thousands of people gathered together for an immersive experience, camaraderie, and lethal amounts of bass.

It’s apparent just how much work went into putting the festival together. The stage, dominated by the ominous presence of the dragon, was the source of stellar visuals and hours of neck-breaking bass music. Vendors provided reasonably priced food and beverages that possessed incredible quality; there were even accommodations for those with food allergies. Merchandise selection and availability also factored into the festival’s execution, providing a number of items from artists and exclusive festival memorabilia alike.

If there were any hiccups in the organization or execution of any facet of the event, they weren’t apparent.

Performances from the Impressive Lineup

Unless you’ve been living under a rock since last year, you know that the lineup for FKMF was absolutely insane. A solid portion of industry A-listers, including Zomboy, 12th Planet, Sullivan King, Adventure Club, Doctor P, Downlink, Excision, Dion Timmer, a surprise appearance of Nitti Gritti, and many more, were all in one location for the purpose of starting mosh pits and generally ensuring that most attendees left needing a neck brace. Additionally, there was a silent disco exclusively comprised of DJs from the state of Florida, spinning a diverse assortment of genres.

The Story of The Forbidden Kingdom

Part of the allure of events such as Lost Lands is the immersive experience. Forbidden Kingdom delivers on that front as well. In support of the event was a 60-page novella cataloging the festival’s official story, which was brought to life by the appearance of the characters during the festival. Attendees experienced the war between the Therions and Cyberians over the Kingdom throughout the weekend, further adding to the impressive nature of the event’s first year and building anticipation for the years to come.

Location, Location, Location

Sunset Cove Amphitheater, the venue that hosted the sold-out Deadbeats Tour, though relatively small, was the perfect location for the inaugural year. With a constant breeze from the surrounding cove, shade provided by trees, and truly breathtaking sunsets, the location was absolutely stellar. Entry, parking, and egress were logically simplistic and the fact that there was only one stage eliminated the need to pick and choose who to see. Luckily enough, FKMF will be returning to Boca Raton for 2020.

Big Plans for Next Year

Word on the street is that event coordinators have huge plans for next year. They aim to deliver on every successful aspect from this year and multiply it exponentially. Though many details have yet to be disclosed, the fact that they were able to produce wildly successful results on their first try speaks volumes as to what they’re capable of. However, in addition to returning to Sunset Cove, there will be a second stage, allowing for double the performances. If you missed Forbidden Kingdom Music Festival this year, you won’t want to miss the next one.

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Images courtesy of ForbiddenKingdomFest.com