Canada native Dabin is taking the electronic world by storm with his unique endeavor to create a sanctuary within his musical creations. The producer is currently on his debut headlining tour and just released his sophomore album, Wild Youth, so he is keeping himself very busy as he expands his touch amongst the industry. We recently had a chance to catch up with Dabin after his set at BUKU Music + Art Project in New Orleans. Check it out below:

We loved your set tonight! What was your favorite part of performing at BUKU?

Just being here at Buku, I love this festival! I was here last year with Illenium and I didn’t get to experience it as much, so it was cool to come back and experience it for a second time. 

What initially inspired you to start producing music?

I was playing guitar much longer than I was producing and when I went off to University, the friends I made in first year were all super into electronic music and I started thinking that it could be something that I’d be interested in as well. That was my first entrance into electronic. 

We heard your Coachella set was amazing. How was it playing to that crowd?

It might’ve been the biggest crowd I’ve ever played. It was super fun and hopefully I’ll be back!

We love your new track, “Another Day” feat. Nevve. WWhat was the creative process like with this song?

That song was actually with Inukshuk–he was the other collaborator and that was the first song that was finished on the album, we just had no vocals for it. We were just shopping for vocals for so long. I’m super particular when it comes to finding the right melody and tonality of the voice so it was literally up until the week before the album was due and we had no vocals. Then I was talking to Illenium and asking him if he had any ideas of who could do the vocals quick and really good and he said you should hit up Nevve! Literally the first thing she sent back is now the track. 

Your newest album, Wild Youth, just came out! Can you tell us a little bit about this project?

It’s been a year in the making and I’m so excited that it’s finally out. I can’t wait to hear the feedback from it. 

You just spent time touring with Illenium and are now are embarking on your own debut tour. What are you most excited for with this upcoming experience?

Just to put people into my musical world and not really cater to anyone else. To be like, this is the music that I’m making and these are my visuals and just put on a 100% authentic Dabin experience. 

Make sure to catch Dabin on The Wild Youth Tour until April 27th, and check out his brand new album, out now on all platforms.

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