Swiss songsmith and Quartz Records boss lady Sensu published future bass lullaby “Listen” (ft. Otis Junior), the first track off her awaited debut LP Embrace, on Quartz Records/Universal. Jasmin Peterhans, aka Sensu, employs an unconventional production method that has led her to one unforgettable musical M.O.:

“After building a melodic progression from a simple chord and fleshing out the high end of each arrangement, I incorporate vocal samples and bass lines,” said Peterhans. “Only when the rest of these pieces are in place, do I underscore them with a drum pattern. Instead of programming each one, I play it on a drum pad to make sure the heartbeat of the track exudes as much of a human element as possible.”

Stay tuned for Embrace’s Sept. 6 releaseWatch the music video for Sensu’s “Listen” (ft. Otis Junior) below.

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