Fresh-faced producers BINKS and GNOSIS team up for a powerful collaborative EP, Transcendence, on Atlanta trap legend MAYHEM’s SKRONG imprint.

LA native BINKS and fellow freeform bass connoisseur GNOSIS put their heads together for a five-track journey through time, space and sound. The project as a whole offers a palpable sense of emotion, stemming from a deep-rooted transformation for BINKS, who courageously looked his demons in the eye to vault himself to a place of clarity, success, and sobriety.

Each single throughout Transcendence offers something unique to the story. “Astral Projection” sets the stage with gritty halftime vibes, making use of organic sounds and distorted neuro basslines. “Symbiot” offers otherworldy experimental trap drips and drops that harken back to BINKS’ struggle with addiction, before cinematic creation “Calcination” creeps up your spine with unignorable energy levels. Title track “Transcendence” offers subtle hip-hop samples, sliding 808s, and UZ-worthy trap swagger. Lastly, “Defcon” brings things full circle with nasty UK-inspired themes and compelling percussive elements.

“‘Transcendence’ embodies the depth of limitless potential that lies within the human consciousness. Go beyond psychological constructs & rise above to your true potential.”  – BINKS

“‘Transcendence’ is an alchemy of vibrations & intention. This project is a fusion of organic & synthetic soundscapes, dancing in tension and release, bringing order to chaos. It is the process of an old paradigm of bass music transcending into the new.” – GNOSIS

It’s clear these two stunners are on the brink of something big, and it will be undeniably exciting to watch it unfold. Download/stream Transcendence here.

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