Bishu‘s Drew Campbell has somehow managed to corner the sad-boi-with-a-good-sense-of-humor market. Bishu’s satirical antics like the “ASMR Act I: EDM pre-drops” video in addition to his quotable comparisons between Skrillex and Mozart have not only helped him gain giggles but more importantly, traction within the industry. Campbell’s shapeshifting sound solidified his status as a Monstercat regular and now Quality Goods Records’ latest golden child. We gabbed over a fat mango JUUL rip about the good life: fine art, classical music composers plus his fresh-to-death track “Out Here.”

Which painters have clout over Bishu’s cover art?

For the remixes, we usually do the art in-house. I have a few friends and my management who help me with the visuals for singles and remixes. For Hali 2 Cali, we sourced a girl named Clara Tessier who is amazing.


How are Drew and Mozart alike?

We both make timeless music. Both love Bach. Both have great hair.

When’s that dream of a Drake collab going down?

I know. Bang my line on any business day Aubrey.

Why’d you release “Out Here” on UZ’s Quality Goods Records?

Have always loved the stuff that QGR push. They keep it trap and hip-hop-y. I’ve been a fan of UZ for years, so it was great to talk and work with him and his team.

What’s Bishu’s “signature sound,” and when in your career did it begin to take shape?

Bishu’s “signature sound” has evolved over the years, I think. I used to be really into this really wonky sound, you can hear the tail end of it on ‘Hali 2 Cali,’ but I’ve always been really into hip-hop. I started using my own vocals recently and am trying to incorporate a lot more hip-hop into my sound. My hip-hop remixes have been some of the favorite stuff I’ve done.

Where was “Out Here” written?

“Out Here” was written at my home in Halifax, Nova Scotia—like 90% of my stuff.

Future bass or trap?


Yummiest JUUL flavor?

Mango 3%! *takes rip*

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