Quality Goods Records delivers Ian Munro’s brand new Liminal EP, featuring five must-hear singles from the talented New Zealander.

The EP opens with a hazy introductory track, “Palimpsest,” which clocks in at just over a minute and introduces Munro’s very own vocals and cinematic flair. Continuing the pattern on “Murmur,” Munro bellows, “I just want to feel.” His stirring synths paired with subtle fluttering melodies and organic drums make this track the perfect appetizer for the remainder of the project.

He commissions Still Haze for vocals on “Rush,” which truly–as his bio explains–gives you something to feel. Deep tones, distorted sub-bass and drum fills cut through the placidity of the track, illustrating Munro’s production brilliance.

Quality Goods Records fans revel at his collaboration with label boss UZ on “Without Me,” combining the two producer’s styles seamlessly, resulting in a trap-tinged melodic offering. Lastly, Munro leaves it all on the table with “Again, Again.” Unexpectedly bouncy 808s lay underneath anthemic female vocals and an incredibly smooth and heart-rending drop.

“A huge part of this project was in the pursuit of catharsis: a blind stab in the dark for something more – something tangible,” says Monro. “You can fake it to try and play the game for a while, but that eats you up and spits you out hollowed. This EP is, in a way, my way of making sense of it all. Making sense of my place in the world — both musically and personally. I guess the concept of liminality really goes hand in hand with this. For a long time there, I was lost. I think this project really embodies those in-between moments that exist between discomfort and resolution – those moments of transformation and growth.” 

Listen to Liminal here:

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