At 14, in 10-degree weather, I’d ride my half-frozen board throughout Audubon indoor skatepark in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. My ollie was weak, no matter how hard I tried to impress the boys in skintight Emerica jeans, I couldn’t clear that damn one-foot high manny pad. At 14, Moore Kismet‘s Omar Davis signed with SKisM’s Never Say Die Records. Moved by musicians like Audien, Boombox Cartel, Rickyxsan and Pixel Terror and backed by Ekali, Carnage, Zomboy, WHIPPED CREAM, Virtual Riot and Hekler, Omar’s short-term goal is to play EDC 2020. You can say his aspirations are a bit off the beaten path compared to the average tween. 

His quick-witted mentality mixed with a wicked knack for sound design granted him the opportunity to perform on the Loud and Proud tour featuring well-known entertainers, such as KANDY, Bright Lights and Taryn Manning from the Netflix original “Orange is the New Black” in addition to Asteria Arts & Music Festival in Orlando. Not to mention, Davis’ official remix repertoire includes MineSweepa’s “Black McLaren,” Dirty Audio’s “Run & Go” and Hekler and Gladez’s “404.” Moore Kismet’s fluidity in both his sound and orientation makes him the poster child for Gen Z— the most progressive generation of producers.

How has the creation process of Pride Month-oriented compilations, such as 2018’s HUES, helped Omar find self-love and acceptance? 

Creating Pride-oriented content such as the ‘Hues’ EP allowed me to be somewhat open with who I was as a bisexual teen. Even though at the time of the release, I wasn’t very open about it. I was more closeted then and not open about it because I always had this fear of people in my life not being supportive of me being bisexual. 

Adelanto is less than two hours away from Los Angeles; how often do you take advantage of the close proximity to record, collaborate or talk business?

Not very often, unless there is a specific occasion of which there needs to be something done. More recently, my mom and I made the long drive to Sherman Oaks and Beverly Hills to work on upcoming collaborations that I have in the works. My mom loves driving, from what she’s told me before, and we love meeting new people; honestly, it’s a win-win whenever we get the opportunity to do it.

When has your age come in handy?

Girl, the only time my age has ever come in handy is when someone new finds out about my music and it shocks them that I’m 14 years old. Other than that, I haven’t been able to get into shows where there are artists there who support my music and would like to meet me. I haven’t been able to play shows at decent venues because they’re all 18-21+. I can’t drive myself anywhere to meet with anyone, and it just sucks. The only thing I like about it is having an 11+ year head start in making music—unlike a lot of producers, that I know, in their mid-20s or early 30s.

What steps is Moore Kismet taking to secure a spot at EDC Vegas 2020?

I believe that with the right love from my friends, family and supporters, my upcoming EP will be a very large push in the right direction. Also, I’ll be consistently releasing music following the EP. As of right now, my release schedule is filled until late August with some of my most highly-anticipated content including one of my most personal songs; I wrote the initial demo for it a few days after I first attempted to commit suicide. My primary goal is to get as much music out as possible before the Insomniac Events team starts booking artists for EDC 2020 in secrecy, so they can see that I am worth taking a chance onregardless of my age, sexuality or color.

How was your first-ever festival experience at Asteria in Florida? What does Moore Kismet have in store for the Asteria x Aero show next month?

Playing AAMF was absolutely amazing, and I cannot thank Miguel enough for the incredible opportunity. For my Aero set, I’m going to be playing stuff from the EP, stuff that I’ve been working on for my second album and just a bunch of randomly awesome stuff from my friends as well as people that I look up to. All in all, I just want to throw down and have some fun. The second that my mom and I flew out of Florida, I missed everybody and immediately wanted to go back and do it all over again. Now I’m being given that chance, and I’m going to go hard!

Describe Don’t Sleep collective in detail.

Don’t Sleep is a collective that my friends and I put together to showcase up-and-coming talent. We want to try and do better in terms of promotional efforts, but there isn’t really much we can do because we are afraid that people might perceive us as abusing the connections we have. In reality, we just want people who have never heard of these artists to see that there is insane talent that people won’t shine a light on. We’re the light, and we want to shine brighter this year.

Who put the Loud and Proud tour on Moore Kismet’s radar?

It was mainly Kevin [KANDY] and his manager Corynne. They’re both extremely supportive of my music. Being an open member of the LGBTQ+ community, they wanted me to join them on a couple dates. I almost immediately said yes, as this is been something that I’ve been wanting to do ever since I knew I was bisexual. Now, I finally get to do it. The first show is at a venue that I’ve been wanting to play for so long. I cannot be more excited to take part in the fun that’s going to go down this month.

How did living by the mantra, “You can’t buy passion. If you love something, do whatever you can to continue to do what you love,” help you land a spot on NSD?

I’ve been producing music for the past seven years. For the latter three of those years, I’ve dreamed of releasing an EP on Never Say Die. I knew exactly what I wanted the name of it to be and what I wanted the cover art to look like. The only thing that was missing was the music and the message behind it. After the 404 remix was made official back in December of last year, I received a DM from SKisM saying that he wanted to release an EP from me on the label. At that moment, I screamed at the top of my lungs in joy because my dream had finally come true.

For years, I had been consistently releasing music, promoting it to the best of my ability by sending it to my friends who shared it with their friends. This was how my music got out to some of the larger artists I look up to which was how Hekler and Gladez found out about me. When I got that message from SKisM, all of my hard work finally paid off. Getting that message was simply the beginning. For the past four and a half months, I’ve been working tirelessly on making sure that this EP is perfect in my eyes. Every track has a message behind it, despite the fact that they’re all fucking bangers: from the initial concept, artwork and everything else in between.

In one sentence, sum up Moore Kismet’s forthcoming extended play Character.

The bold story of a magical unicorn finding their way through the world, discovering what it truly means to love and care for yourself by embracing their deepest and purest character traits.

Be on the lookout for Moore Kismet’s Character extended play, slated for release July 19, via Never Say Die Records. Stream “Escape” below.

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