Summer 2019 is officially here, which calls for an immediate need for new summer anthems. Sullivan King and Grabbitz were quick to deliver with their catchy new single “Crazy As You.” They have successfully combined their own eclectic music styles to create a perfect melding of unique elements. A calming intro with complimenting lyrics and vocals lead to the buildup and dominating beat accompanied by an electric guitar lead. This single takes you on a journey from leisurely listening to resisting the urge to full-on rock out to the beat. If “Crazy As You” is any indication of what’s to come from these artists, we can’t wait to hear what Sullivan King and Grabbitz do next!

Sullivan King, a Los Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist/producer, is breaking boundaries in the electronic world due to his unique sound combining metal and EDM. He is integrating the energy of dance music with the power of metal to create a live show atmosphere entirely of his own.

Grabbitz is an artist that takes inspiration from all genres to fully display his wide-ranging talents. He is known to pour his experiences and emotions into all of his work, creating universally understood and well-received music. The authenticity of Grabbitz’s work is reinforced with his involvement throughout every step of his music. He carefully crafts his art from the very beginning to the end, from putting pen to paper to production and the final stage in his performances.

Download Sullivan King and Grabbitz’s new single “Crazy As You” here.

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