With 2019 reaching the halfway mark, Kannibalen Records artist Draeden has just unveiled his new EP on the Canadian bass imprint. Utilizing his background as a musician, Draeden brings guitars, bass and pianos to his unique style and production. The release of his Conquest EP also marks the beginning of Draeden’s musical career on Kannibalen officially. We had the chance to chat with the Montreal artist ahead of the release and look forward to hearing more from this promising and rising talent.

What do you hope to accomplish with this release?

This EP is just to set the table for what is coming next. It offers a wide range of diversity, but keeps the same cinematic and heavy vibe throughout the whole record. I’ve always liked many different music genres and grooves and I like to push myself to create something new and exciting in every song.

What instruments do you usually lay down first when producing?

It’s always different. Sometimes I pick up my guitar or bass guitar and lay down a riff. Another time I’ll get on the keyboard and play around with different chords or staccato violins…that’s the obvious way of creating a track. Surprisingly, sometimes I prefer to start with an ambiance or some FX. This really helps me to create a special atmosphere for the song: to set its tone and to place it in time and space. I usually relate my songs to a scene, a character or a place that I have in mind… it wouldn’t probably make any sense for most people, but I feel like it helps me tell a story and relate to a specific emotion that I wish to transfer to the audience.

If you could collab with any artist who would it be?

Oh man, there are so many… Growing up listening to rock and metal, I have to mention System of a Down, Linkin Park and Tom Delonge. Those artists still influence my creative process today.

Which of the Kannibalen artists are you looking forward to potentially working more with?

That’s a tough one! Been listening to a lot of their releases throughout the years. Recently I feel like they really step up their game and the artists on the label are really killing it right now.

I must say I have soft spot for Hvdes’s music because her stuff is super cinematic and I love tracks around 110bpm. I think it’s super underrated. Sullivan King of course, because you know…he’s a guitar player and I started on the bass guitar. He’s so talented.

I also love Hi I’m Ghost and Sam Lamar. I think they have super dope drops and sound design.

What are the goals for 2020?

Enjoying life. Making music. Maybe some shows? Making friends all over the world. I also want to give back to the community in a certain way. Gotta work on some tutorials and stuff. I also wanna keep learning and become a better human. And I’d love to place my music in a trailer for a movie or a video game!

Connect with Draeden: Facebook / Twitter / SoundCloud