Madnap and SMLE team up for a blissful new single released now via Thrive Music.

“Throw It All Away” is the new brainchild of Chicago-born turned California-native Kyle Fizgibbons, aka Madnap, and GRAMMY-nominated electronic duo SMLE. Featuring the vocal stylings of in-demand singer/songwriter AVIELLA, the collaboration is a beautiful combination of the artists’ strengths, resulting in a simple, yet intensely powerful, record.

“‘Throw It All Away’ was such a fun song to work on. SMLE and I started it in their studio (which used to be in a garage) last fall. We worked on the song until the structure was complete and discussed in that first session that we thought Aviella would be a great fit to complete it. Months later we got Aviella in SMLE’s new studio and the track really came together with all of us in the room together. The song represents all of us really well and is a really fun combination of our sounds and ideas.” – Madnap

Stream/download “Throw It All Away” here.

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