Sit back and don’t relax for Denver bass music producer DMVU’s EP, Backwards, served to you on a plate of organized chaos by Circus Records, a label known to break bounds in the realm of bass music. Backwards, consisting of four twistedly tasteful bangers that are geared to melt your temporal lobe while not ceasing to give you a sore neck tomorrow morning. With cleverly placed glitches highlighting explosive bass lines that ride on detuned leads, you’ll be left stranded in a distant universe trying to hitch a ride back to earth.

The new single “Drop Tha Top” perfectly completes the Backwards EP family with previously released singles “Anotha Poison,” “Trunk,” and “Distant Planets,” quenching the thirst of your inner bass head. With his ongoing release history with Circus, he has earned his wings and will be collecting guardrail insurance nationwide whilst joining their 10-year anniversary tour. Don’t sleep on this producer, if that’s even possible.

Do yourself a favor and give Backwards a listen! Listen here.

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