French melodist Fytch flipped Crywolf’s widow [OBLIVIØN Pt. 1] track QUIXOTE [i am alone, and they are everyone].” Fytch’s Stéphane Lo Jacomo doesn’t let any of its 209 seconds go to waste; whether Fytch is dabbling with classical piano or synth oscillations, each structural decision enhances this poem’s complexity.

Lo Jacomo was “particularly captivated by the hypnotic rhythm guitar line in the intro.” Crywolf’s Justin Taylor Phillips also asked musicians including MieloLEViT∆TESWARMRoniit and Eliminate as well as Phillips’ fans to contribute their talents to his Reimagination  series. Currently, Crywolf is residing in Bali knuckling down on widow [OBLIVIØN Pt. 2]—scheduled for release before year’s end.

Savor Crywolf’s “QUIXOTE (Fytch Reimagination)” below.

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