Earlier this year, future bass producer PLS&TY released a two-track EP entitled Run Wild / Feeling Forever that solidified his unique sound and reiterated his talent in production. Both tracks saw wild success and support from other artists in the industry, leading to the creation of the remix package that PLS&TY has just blessed upon the world.

The pack includes musicians from a plethora of genres, all who have taken the creativity from PLS&TY’s originals and molded them into something special and true to their art. Remixes from Bondax, YehMe2, Luca Lush, Manic Focus, Ducky and Vindata can all be heard below.

PLS&TY continues to impress with his individuality in the future bass scene, producing music that is original, funky and undeniably catchy. ‘Run Wild’, released originally in 2017, has reached over 10 million streams on Youtube alone. Lucky for us, this is only the beginning for PLS&TY as he builds his repertoire of amazing music.

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