“We really pushed ourselves out of our comfort zone on this project,” said MEMBA referring to their highly anticipated SAGA-II. The EP that dropped on August 16th is nothing short of a masterpiece. It evokes a wide array of feelings from hope to nostalgia with some hints of melancholy, all while leaving almost no genre untouched.

The listening journey begins with “1 More Mile,” a perfect blending of rhythm and soaring instrumentation. The journey continues on with a heavy beat complemented by vocals from Evan Giia on “Walls Down.” “Boundless” continues to draw high energy from its listener before commanding our nostalgia on “Schools Out,” which is exactly the intention.

Speaking to its creation, Ishaan states, “Listening to it makes me really nostalgic for my childhood in India. It has both Sufi and English vocals, which doesn’t happen in enough songs, in my opinion. It’s how I always wanted Bollywood songs to sound and reminds me of running around with my little sister.” The song is accompanied by a beautiful, authentic video that captures the curiosity, adventure, and creativity of childhood. Ishaan explains, “[My sister] was dealt a lot of shit hands in life, and yet had an amazing ability to stay happy throughout. That really inspires me to this day and we wanted to capture that feeling in this video.”

The nostalgic vibes continue on “Smara,” track five of the EP, with lyrics that add a sense of sorrow. “Alright With Me” restores a sense of hope with the perfect addition of Ricky James on vocals. MEMBA leaves us on our journey with the powerful, thought-provoking “Inevitable.” “An ode to where we are all headed. Everybody is going to die someday, and that’s okay. This song is about embracing that fact, and using it to live better now.”

SAGA-II serves as another testament to the breadth of MEMBA’s artistic and musical talents. Playing at festivals such as Glastonbury, Coachella and Ultra Miami with over 10 million online streams, MEMBA is garnering a lot of the attention that they so rightfully deserve. The duo certainly did not disappoint with SAGA-II, the second installment of their trilogy, leaving us eager for what’s to come. For now, we will relish this work of art with MEMBA’s words in mind, “This EP is a really personal one for us, we hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it.”

Listen to MEMBA’s newest EP SAGA-II here.

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