One of future bass’s most promising and creative producers, MYRNE, is gearing up for his debut solo LP In Search of Solitude. In preparation for that, MYRNE gives us his brand new single, “Higher,” that’s just making us more excited for the full release to drop.

“Higher” features vocalist sensation Lost Boy, who carries the track with his smooth melodies, while MYRNE’s production prowess is yet again on display here. The infectiously bouncy bass brings a welcomed darkness to his usually brighter, pop-influenced productions. This one is primed to go off at festivals worldwide and is bound to be a hit for the young producer.

“Higher was one of the first songs I wrote with the themes of my upcoming album in mind,” says MYRNE. “It gave me great perspective on how varied I wanted the LP to sound, whilst still exploring the central themes of distance and self-discovery. Lost Boy carried the emotion perfectly!”

Adds Lost Boy, “With a song like Higher there’s a really contagious energy that can be felt in the song that directly reflects the energy in the room the day we wrote it.” Indeed, if “Higher” is any indication, In Search of Solitude is going to be a record that blows the collective minds of the EDM industry in the best way imaginable.

Keep an eye out for MYRNE’s In Search of Solitude, and stream “Higher” now below.

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