Psymbionic‘s diverse and unique Carbon Based Lifeform album took hold with its far-fetched sound design. The album has now returned to Gravitas Music with 12 earth-shaking remixes from artists like Megan Hamilton, Sumthin Sumthin, Cofresi, and more.

Each remix features an impeccable blend of weirdness. Focused on a sincere level of bass in each track, the entire album is chock-full of inclusion and cultural diversity. From ambient to trap to dubstep, the producers throughout waste no time whatsoever hurling bass bombs from one ear to the other. Prismatic‘s take on “Bionic Chronic,” for example, stands out amongst the crowd with a burly blend of metallic dubstep mid-basses and synths.

With Psymbionic’s original Carbon Based Lifeform already being a diverse album, it was hard to imagine that it could get weirder. However, the myriad of talented producers compiled into this remix album knocked it out of this world. Could we potentially see another element based life form next time around? We can only hope.

Stream/download Carbon Based Lifeform remixes here.

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