Pounding the ground with an unforgiving bass sound and a myriad of synths through impeccable sound design, REAPER has debuted his high energy “SAWTOOTH” on the prolific Monstercat label.

This punchy, dynamic, and festival-ready track skyrockets into space with no intention of returning anytime soon. REAPER shows that he’s no force to be reckoned with thanks to the grit, grime, and true gut-punch this track has been produced for. The dark and illustrious sound design certainly glues this track together. The tight-knit and slamming percussion punch through without taking too much power away from the grungy sawtooth synth in the lead.

The second drop jumps into a drum and bass-infused groove without subtracting any of the unblemished bass and synth elements from the first drop. REAPER flawlessly transitions back into the dubstep flow to finish out the track strong. This is, without question, one of Monstercat’s strongest debuts since the label’s inception.

Although mysterious, he’s clearly proven that he’s very much capable of anything that’s thrown his way. This sawtooth is sharp, so prepare yourself before you hit play. Stream/download “REAPER” here.

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