As summer is slowing down, we need music that is a bit slower, a bit groovier, and a bit more melodic as we reflect on our summer endeavors.

Daniela Di Lillo, aka Nora En Pure, debuted her original single “Birthright” at Coachella where it became a quick favorite amongst fans and DJs alike. Since its premiere, the house track has received its own remix compilation from some of Nora En Pure’s favorite producers like Danijel Kostic, Dosem and Marius Drescher. 

Each remix, of course, has its own flavor and variety. Techno and house king Dosem gives “Birthright” a bit of a darker twist while adding a hypnotizing melody and forceful claps. While the track is certainly different, it still keeps the essence of “Birthright” true by letting the vivacious piano melody stay alive before a drop of deep house is released.  

Danijel Kostic’s remix is lighter; tranquil synths interwind with Nora’s signature piano melody throughout the entire track to create an unforgettable tune for the ending summer. The buildups are warming and the percussion shuffles throughout its entirety. Marius Drescher kept the ethos of “Birthright” true. The bass is humble, yet powerful and reaches a melodic zenith that will keep the listener wanting more for the seasons to come. 

With a slew of remixes at her disposal, Nora En Pure is ready for what lies ahead. She is gearing up for her debut Prague event, which will feature Klangkarussell, Marius Drescher and Moonwalk on the bill as well. With a list of tour dates spreading far and wide, the momentum that Nora En Pure has brought to the industry cannot be matched. 

You can stream Birthright (The Remixes) via Enormous Tunes here. 

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