L.A. producer Chaz Treharne, aka Midoca, is back with a new single that seeks a different purpose than most electronic tunes today. “Dry The Rose” was created with the intention of highlighting the beauty of allowing vulnerability into your life while accepting changes of growth and clarity.

On the inspiration of the single, Midoca says, “‘Dry The Rose’ is a reflection of the parts of myself that I no longer identify with; this is my growth & becoming.”

The track itself is beautifully crafted in a way that is unique to Midoca as an artist. Although melancholy, “Dry The Rose” is hopeful, in the sense of changing one’s perception of things that are out of their control. Midoca identifies this with deeply emotional melodies and enchanting vocals.

“’Dry The Rose’ is about the immortalization and acceptance of a passing relationship. To ‘clip off the thorns and dry the rose,’ is to release the pain of what once was but preserve what was learned and experienced. The love is no longer alive but I can hold a memento and memory of it with admiration.”Midoca

Midoca is making waves with his music and individuality, supporting both Jai Wolf and Getter on recent tours as well as being featured with mau5trap, Taska Black’s Minds EP and Getter’s Visceral EP.

Stream/download “Dry The Rose” here.

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