Gud Vibrations co-founder NGHTMRE and Monstercat regular Grabbitz cast loose their electro-house/electro-funk track “Bruises” on Ultra Music. The introduction’s piano-driven melody overlays Grabbitz’s falsetto, which weeps affliction. Subsequently, its kick drum ramp-up leads to pulsating synths and a punchy bassline. “Bruises” bears that star quality with Top 40 magnetism. This collaborative single’s versatility is commendable at the very least. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that “Bruises” fixates on a universal theme–heartbreak.

“There is just something special about ‘Bruises,” said Grabbitz’s Nicholas Chiari. “It’s tough to pinpoint, but the raw emotion and high energy came together just right. It’s the perfect blend of our styles.”

Devour NGHTMRE & Grabbitz’s “Bruises” below.

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