When it comes to experimental bass music and the LA beat scene, mastermind producer Tsuruda continues to pave the way for dark and destructive sound design.

His brand new nine-track EP, Fubar, is comprised of eight solo productions and only one collaboration alongside the legendary Mr. Carmack. The latter is a slow burner, clocking in at just 86 bpm, but it packs serious drip. From surgically layered melodies to glitchy stabs and vocal fills that leave as quickly as they enter, “Little Mac” is a journey in and of itself.

Other highlights include the title track, which is an exemplary showcase of everything Tsuruda has come to be known for: distorted basslines, powerful percussion and creative fills. My personal favorite is “Jokes,” a bouncy and rhythmic 140-bpm beast that showcases some of the wildest sound design that he’s ever shared. High-frequency layers add the jaw-dropping cherry on top.

Finally, “Hammer” brings forth his wonky 2010s-era trap influences. It’s only appropriate considering the fact that TNGHT just made their long-awaited return. He ends with “Run It,” which has Flume-worthy experimentation and creativity.

No matter where you land throughout Fubar, you’re bound to be impressed. Stream the entire collection below.

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