Dustycloud goes all in with his new bolstering pinnacle Skyfall EP on Insomniac Records. This three-track EP nosedives into everything house music. Earlier this year he released “Brave.”

Dustycloud’s three new tracks prove to fans and newcomers around the globe that his diverse sound has a treat for just about everybody. His innate ability to take a simplistic track and pump it full of “ear candy” and enjoyable elements places him on top in the house music realm.

“Find A New Direction” opens this gut-punching EP with acoustic elements, a grooving bass line and retro feelings. The atmosphere and depth that Dustycloud has implemented during the drop with the kick and bass is impeccable. The sound with this track nods to his early sound. “Passion” continues on with a love of moving bass, side chained vocal samples and grungy mid bass synths. Lastly, “Mighty” is, well, mighty. With its much darker sound, “Mighty” finishes out the EP incredibly strong with an eerie sliding/deep house bass, light percussion and tight synths that draw inspiration from Habstrakt.

“As time goes on I continue to find myself experimenting with new things, pushing my vision of what house music can be,” says Dustycloud in a press release. “With three really different tracks, the Skyfall EP is a culmination of my journey as an artist up to now. Years ago I hit a point where I was ready to quit music, frustrated because I felt I couldn’t keep up with what other producers were putting out. Simply put, I felt like I was never going to make it. Then I came across this audio sample that said ‘just be yourself,’ and suddenly I was so inspired. Something about the timing, the way it appeared to me, the way it sounded, it spoke to me and it made me reflect on where I was at in life. It made me question why I had been using my years of learning music production to just follow trends and try to make what was popular. I decided it was time to make my own style of house music, and not give a f*ck about what other DJs were producing, this is where Dustycloud was born. The sentence became greatly influential not just in my music but in my personal life, too. I feel like its a positive message to spread through my music: don’t be scared of doing what you love, don’t be scared of not fitting in little boxes society tries to put you in, don’t be scared of being different. Just be yourself.”

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