After years of singles, EPs and collaborations, Sullivan King reveals his debut album, Show Some Teeth, on Black Tiger Sex Machine’s Kannibalen Records.

The 15-track LP weaves in and out of every facet of the multi-instrumentalist’s sound. His metal-inspired vocals, electrifying guitar riffs, vast sound design and powerful songwriting shine through each and every part of the cohesive collection. 

Continuing to bridge the gap between alternative mainstream and electronic music, King kicks off the album with an emotionally charged 43-second introduction that paves the way for the remainder of the carefully curated tracks. Collaborations with names like TYNAN, Kompany and SWARM shine throughout the LP, showing his ability to contort his sound depending on the feeling he’s trying to emulate.

Show Some Teeth standouts include the pop-inspired “Ricochet” with Cayte Lee, the somber “Solace” and the neck-breaking “Where Angels Die,” which feels like the rush of air you get while momentarily hanging on a rollercoaster before getting catapulted down a 90-degree drop. He rounds out the mindbending album with “Before I Go,” which takes subtle cues from its formers and feels like a perfectly poised ending to one beautiful project.

Stream Show Some Teeth below and catch Sullivan King on his Thank You For Raging 2019 tour here.

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