Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando is known for creating an experience rather than just a festival. It is an escape from reality and the day-to-day routine. When it all comes together, the performers, costumes, dancers, and stages are like magic. You will capture the perfect memories for life! This year EDC Orlando is bigger than ever, especially for the first time that it’s being held for three days. Every year it continues to grow more and more. Something you can’t miss! 

Check out our five reasons you can’t miss EDC Orlando 2019 below.

1. It’s now THREE DAYS! 

For the first time in nine years, EDC Orlando will take place for three days at the historic Tinker Field in Orlando, FL. This three-day adventure in the Sunshine State filled with great performers and interactive experiences will blow your mind. 


2. New stages, new experiences–it will all come together in a beautiful way.

EDC Orlando this year will be filled with new and exciting stages and experiences, including the Wide Awake Art Car that is bringing a whole new level of magic with it and the beautiful Anima loved by many in Las Vegas. The electrifying Pixel Forest will bring a new and distinctive experience to Orlando for the first time and so much more.


3. More than 100 amazing performers.

This year, the lineup is packed with more than 100 electronic music acts that are ready to blow your mind. Mix that with the beautiful stages and new curated experiences, and it can’t get any better! 


4. The Sunshine State.

Orlando is a beautiful city filled with wondrous sunsets and magical nights, especially if you are coming from the north or somewhere cold. Coming back to 70-85 degrees will leave you missing the summer days all over again. It is great to experience warm weather all over again. 


5. Beautiful and unique performers will result in the best Instagram photos EVER!

There will be dancers, costumes, lasers, lights, pixels … what more could you ask for? You will have the best photos ready to make all of your friends jealous. 


Find the full lineup and get tickets for EDC Orlando 2019 here.