With 2019 coming to a close, The Glitch Mob released their last hard-hitting track of the year.

In collaboration with 1788-L, “Momentary Lapse” is a fast, gritty track that rumbles and rolls over the spears in legendary Glitch Mob fashion. The four-minute track is synth-and bass-heavy and is combined with an eccentric chord progression that is guaranteed to sweep you off your feet. It’s a collaboration of many moving parts that prove the parts are just as important as the all-encompassing whole. 

The Glitch Mob described the singles as “a series of collaborations with producers we admire and creatively vibe with.” 

“Momentary Lapse” brings harmony between new producers—such as 1788-L—and the old pillars of electro. It seems the harmony between the four artists cannot be understated: “It’s been a blast for us this year to focus on working with younger artists that we are super into,” says the Glitch Mob. “We felt a creative synergy with 1788-L ever since we first heard his music.

2019 was another stellar year for The Glitch Mob who just finished their Alchemy tour that also featured Seven Lions and NGHTMRE + SLANDER. The future is always uncertain, but we can be certain that The Glitch Mob will standalone for another next decade. 

“Momentary Lapse” is available now via Glass Air Records.

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