A generous serving of drummers lined the stage at Chicago’s Navy Pier Festival Hall. Trumpeter Billy Aukstik, stage right. GRiZ‘s Grant Kwiecinski with his beloved sax, aloft. Kwiecinski’s psychedelic candyland—The Imaginarium—shone through. Without warning, dubstep invaded all 170,000 square feet. Pew pew!

ProbCause‘s Colin Grimm and New Orleans vocalist Chrishira Perrier playfully paraded to the uplifting rhymes of “It Gets Better.” Grimm stepped in for DRAM, “I’m not saying what you facing shouldn’t make you feel down / But it’s amazing how the come up turn your whole life around.”

Every cast member’s costume felt essential: black tee as well as dark wash jeans; this production and design choice encouraged solidarity amongst Ride Waves Tour Season Two’s attendees and musicians. Their neutral outfits didn’t outshine GRiZ’s audacious visuals: optical illusions, palm trees, molecules, ocean waves, pineapples plus peace signs splashed in neon. A flight of imagination I wouldn’t mind further exploring.

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