After a successful 2019, III Points seemed unstoppable in Miami. The festival–devoted to music, art and technology–took a bold step last year when it was announced that III Points would be taking place in February instead of it’s usual October slot.

The date change proved beneficial and III Points offered a stacked lineup and quality production. But III Points does tend to be unlucky with factors outside of their control: hurricanes and Zika virus being the most devastating blow to the show throughout the years. This year, however, was the fact that Miami will be hosting the Super Bowl during the same February weekend. Traffic would be an absolute logistical nightmare and instead of pushing it and crossing their fingers, the crew at III Points decided to play it safe and have the show in May

Taking place on May 1-2, 2020 will be the next edition of III Points. In addition to the date change, the festival will be moving back to a two-day event. This was a debated topic, but III Points believes they can pack just as much music and attraction into a two-day roster.

III Points has always made a point to be different from other festivals. All these changes in dates would be enough to cripple any festival, but III Points sees it as an opportunity. They are fine with switching the dates as long as the show is the best it can be. They are bold; they are audacious; and they redefining how Miami perceives music festivals.

III Points will take place in Miami, Florida on May 1-2, 2020. You can find more info via