Bass music’s resident queen WHIPPED CREAM has been slowly creeping into the collective EDM community’s consciousness ever since her breakout hit “Ignorant” hit the airwaves. Now she’s back with new phenom REAPER for a wonderfully dark drum and bass banger, “Shouldn’t,” out now on Monstercat.

“Shouldn’t” is an amalgamation of WHIPPED CREAM’s deep, heavy bass and REAPER’s tendency for dark DnB styles. If the song feels a little wild and unpredictable, that’s exactly what REAPER wanted. “Shouldn’t” features this crazy dynamic contrast to make listeners feel manic and demented,” says the producer. “The progression of this song is intentionally irrational and a little unconventional in order to keep you on your toes.”

It’s this kind of forward-thinking mind that made WHIPPED CREAM excited to work with a burgeoning producer such as REAPER. “Reaper is hands down one of my favorite electronic producers right now. He’s bringing a new special light to a genre I really love – drum and bass,” she says. “We wanted to make a song that would go off in any venue across the world and we did that with ‘Shouldn’t.'”

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