Crywolf‘s latest tryst with songstress Charity, “beauty is not a need, she is an ecstasy [respirate],” is an angelic ode to heartbreak: a regular motif found in his music catalog. Much like Crywolf’s upcoming performance, at the Los Angeles Arts District’s Moroccan Lounge, “respirate” promises music junkies a bare-bones glimpse into the inner workings of Crywolf’s Justin Taylor Phillips.

“I wrote this alone in the forest, hours from civilization and a million miles from you,” posted Phillips. “You had left, but I still felt you in every inhalation, every exhalation. You had swept me up into the cosmos and left me there, suspended. Making your indelible print on my soul. I still breathe you in and out, and live with you there in that space.”

Unplug, unwind, and listen to Crywolf’s “beauty is not a need, she is an ecstasy [respirate]” below.

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