Monstercat has long been a staple of the electronic music scene, and with the release of their imprint Monstercat: Uncaged came a new wave of heavy-hitting, upbeat, and dirty bass music with room for experimentation. Monstercat: Uncaged Vol. 8 marks their eighth compilation release on this imprint. If you like Monstercat, and if you like bass music, then this is something to be very excited about.

Monstercat: Uncaged Vol. 8 is a 40-track behemoth with a full album mix included as the 41st track. Given just how extensive this compilation is, I don’t think I could truly do it justice with a full track-by-track breakdown in just this article alone. Seriously, it’s massive. However, I can definitely say that whether you like drum and bass, dubstep, future bass, electro, or another heavy style, you can probably find some variation of it here.

Perhaps the most exciting track for me is “This Is The End” by Gammer and David Spekter. This track blends an indie-rock ballad with hardstyle sensibilities and drops. Frankly, hardstyle is my favorite subgenre and what got me into EDM. I will probably always have a soft spot for it and feel it often gets overlooked in the bass community. Even Lost Lands (an amazing bass music festival) has only had a handful of artists that even come close to this subgenre, and most of them have fallen more into trapstyle; so, it’s exciting for me to see it included in this release and getting the recognition it so deserves.

Other features include “Shouldn’t” by WHIPPED CREAM and REAPER, “The One” by Habstrakt, “Falling” by Crankdat and more. If you like Monstercat and bass music, make sure you check it out.

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