Zeds Dead are the unofficial fathers of dubstep, and in the past few years, REZZ has solidified her spot as the mother of midtempo. Fans have been waiting for years for these three ultra-talented artists to combine their finest efforts and create a banger. That day has finally come, and it’s safe to say that REZZ is just as excited as everyone else.

“Into The Abyss,” out now on Deadbeats, contains enough 808 to make you quiver in your boots, all while you wonder how you got so lucky to exist in the same time period as such musical geniuses. The build is slow and concentrated with a melodic setting, reminiscent of both REZZ and Zeds Dead. The drop is an eruption of bass with beautiful vocals filling in open spaces, creating a euphoric feeling and sending you right into the ‘abyss.’ Only true artists can manufacture dubstep on this level, confirming all of our deepest desires of this collaboration.

The music video matches the single perfectly, finding that perfect mixture of euphoria and electronic bass waves. Bassheads and dubsteppers rejoice:

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