REAPER has burst onto the scene with a ferocious sound, tackling the modern assumptions of what bass music truly is. His heavyweight sound cultivates a diverse sound that fiercely leverages sudden silence, bleeding-edge sound design, ear-piercing synths, and gut-punching low-end. His previous tracks “SAWTOOTH” on Monstercat and “Shouldn’t” with WHIPPED CREAM solidified his sound. This frenetic sound has now bled into a collaboration with Awoltalk on “Hysteria” on Bassrush Records.

REAPER’s previous releases have left his trail ablaze, and that’s certainly not going to come to an end anytime soon. “Hysteria” is an unforgiving drum and bass track that fires up immediately. The pulsing bass that’s introduced around the 20-second mark opens a filter and bleeds through the build-up. It finally unleashes and translates into an ever-powerful layered synth that powers through the entire frequency spectrum. REAPER and Awoltalk perfectly utilize subtlety and silence to their advantage, uncovering a world of despair and darkness throughout this bass-filled mayhem.

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