If you have a favorite song, there’s a chance that Mexican-American producer Rad Cat has production credits on it. The 23-year-old San Diego native has production/remix credits under his name for artists like blackbear, Enrique Iglesias, Kevin Gates, Mike Posner and many more.

In addition to his work for other artists, Christian Ariza has amassed millions of streams on his original productions, which blend genres and combine the producer’s unique influences into his very own catchy signature sound. He recently released his Love & Illusions EP alongside LA singer/songwriter Dutch Melrose, and we fell even more in love with the talented musician.

Listen to Love & Illusions below and get a look into Rad Cat’s production process, working with Dutch Melrose and more.

We’ve been fans of you ever since your “Valley Girls” remix and something we’ve always loved is how varied your sound can be while still always sounding like you. How do you maintain your signature sound while still keeping everything sounding fresh?

First of all, thank you! It’s always been tough for me to describe my sound. I’m influenced by a lot of different genres, but mainly Hip Hop, R&B, and House. Over the years I have taken elements from each of these genres and implemented them into my own music. I’m still learning new things about music production all the time, so my sound is constantly evolving.

Every track on Love & Illusions features Dutch Melrose–how did you two come together to work on this project?

I came across Dutch while browsing through Spotify. Once I heard his voice, I knew that I needed to collaborate with him. We went on to make a song together called “alright” and it turned out to be a slapper! While searching for singers for “Love and Illusions,” the thought came to mind of just having Dutch feature on every song. “Alright” was already such a bop, so I knew that Dutch would kill it with every song on the EP.

Can you tell us more about your collaborative process with him?

Dutch has been my favorite artist to work with. I have never really had to give him much direction on any track we have worked on. I just let him do his thing and he always fucking kills it, it’s honestly crazy. He’s an amazing singer & songwriter.

What does your songwriting process typically look like?

When creating a new song, I usually always start with the chord progression. If I can figure out a great chord progression, I will basically be set for the rest of the creation process. 

Our favorite track on the EP is definitely “Gone Hollywood.” What was the idea behind this one?

“Gone Hollywood” started off as an instrumental with no specific lyrical content in mind. The newer style of music that I’ve been creating is basically future bass on steroids. Dutch came in after I was finished creating the instrumental and did his thing with the vocals/writing.

What is your personal favorite track off of the EP and why?

My favorite track off of the EP is definitely “How Could I.” Once I started creating the “drop” portion of the track, with glitches and all, I knew that it was going to fucking HIT. I’ve really been into making “harder” music as of late. I think that all of the emotions I was going through at the time helped push me into this new era in my musical style.

If you ever deal with creative block, how do you handle it?

Honestly, whenever I am faced with creative block I just take a step away from music. When I can’t be creative, there is no point for me to force it. Forcing the creative process will just bring more frustration, and that’s just no good. Taking a step away from music and focussing on my other hobbies that make me happy such as working on my car, hanging out with my friends, working out etc, are all things that help me overcome a creative block.

Listen to Love & Illusions below and download here.

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