City of Brotherly Love local as well as “angry robot noise” dubstep phenomenon, Subtronics, released Scream Saver — his 13-minute extended play on Cyclops Recordings.

Subtronics’ Jesse Kardon sets the stage via Scream Saver‘s title track: housing gnawing rhythms, tremoring drops and a menacing melody. “Blow Stuff Up” flexes the method to Kardon’s madness: screwy samples and shrilling synths atop pulverizing percussion. “Lullaby” (ft. Virus Syndicate) as well as Subtronics’ partnership with Akeos, ”Discotek,” weds something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue — making Scream Saver a perfect record to fall madly in love lust with.

“When I play live, I am paying so much attention to the crowd, analyzing their reactions, that it can lead to overthinking,” said Kardon. “This has led me to look for a cleaner and more simplified, yet hopefully still unique and powerful, sound.”

Spin that poi to Subtronics’ Scream Saver below.

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