Prescription Songs signee DNMO delivered “Broken Record” (feat. MOONZz), a synth-pop/rock release, via San Holo‘s imprint bitbird.

MOONZz’s Molly Williams begins by coupling her heavy-hearted words, “Shed my skin there’s nothing left/Scattered in pieces hard to mend,” with an airy inflection.

Once the guitar riffs come a-knocking, MOONZz’s tone turns tenacious — personifying the latter lyrics of “Broken Record”: “Nothing’s gonna take my feet off the ground/Wanna run away but I come back ’round.”

Aiden Morgan, aka DNMO, and Williams might have whipped up this “light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel” tune two years ago, but its inspirited nature couldn’t be more relevant today.

Find solace in DNMO’s “Broken Record” (feat. MOONZz) below.

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