New Zealand-born, Sydney-based artist Ian Munro is one of those producers who continues to impress with each and every release. His eclectic sound has caught the attention of Quality Goods Records, bitbird, Ultra Records and more.

The producer, who goes by his real name, utilizes his authenticity as one of his greatest assets. His fitting mantra, ‘something to feel,’ leaves fans enamored with each and every release and explains why Quality Goods Management, home to UZ and more, has taken such a liking to the bright star.

After Munro burst onto the scene with his Stay Lit EP in 2016 and landed a spot in Spotify’s USA Top 50 Viral chart, the world quickly took notice. Since then, he’s continued to bare his soul, providing a level of honesty that many artists fail to do. With the release of his sophomore Liminal EP, he marked a new chapter–one that is more honest than ever before.

We caught up with Ian Munro to chat about his new direction, his upcoming releases with Lowly palace and more. Check it out along with his exclusive guest mix below.

Hey Ian, thanks for chatting with us today. How have you been staying busy during quarantine?

Honestly, I’ve just been keeping my head down and finishing up old demos. Doing a lot of the work o usually put off doing haha. I’ve also started a new YouTube series breaking down my releases, which has been keeping me pretty busy!

What sparked your recent move from New Zealand to Australia and has it been a big adjustment so far?

I’ve lived my whole life in the same little suburb, and felt it was time for some change. Don’t get me wrong, I love New Zealand and it will forever be my home. Australia is also typically where most of my gigs are so it made sense to base myself here.

To be entirely fair, it hasn’t been too much of an adjustment, because with the lockdown we haven’t experienced too much of it yet haha.

We loved your Liminal EP on Quality Goods Records last year, which launched a new chapter and sound for you. How would you describe your new direction?

Thank you! I don’t really know how to describe it other than it being wholeheartedly my own. I’m not chasing trends. I’m making the music I want to make, and I’m saying what I want with it.

Do you think you’ll ever return back to a Stay Lit sound in the future?

Haha, look I’m not going to rule it out — but I’ll say it’s unlikely. That project served me well at the time when I made it, however, it doesn’t necessarily reflect where I am as an artist and a person today.

You have some interesting releases coming up with Lowly. Can we get a hint as to when we might hear the next one?

The team at Lowly have been lovely, and very happy for me and my team to tackle things creatively how we want. The next one we have with them is a very special single to me called “Days Before The Flood’” and it’s coming early June!

You’ve been incorporating a lot of your own singing/songwriting into your new releases, which is refreshing. Do you have any collaborations in the work as well?

I’m not naturally a vocalist or a songwriter, so it’s definitely a weird process for me. I really love it thought, and it’s a really different way for me to create music outside of my normal ways. I’d definitely love to work as a featured vocalist for some people, but for the time being I’m usually just doing it with my own production.

What are some of your favorite records to listen to when you’re not listening to electronic music?

I’m a biggggggg fan of all things new wave / goth. The Cure, Joy Division, New Order etc. Other than that I’m especially fond of a good folk song. Stuff like Daughter, Frightened Rabbit and Bon Iver. Good stuff to cry to haha.

The first episode of the making:of series was incredible! What other plans do you have for your YouTube channel?

Thank you! I’m really excited to do more song breakdowns. I guess it’s only just started so it’s still very open. I’d really like to do some fun production videos and even just some vlog style stuff. The worlds my oyster at the moment haha.

Have you been watching any other streams that you can recommend?

Not a big stream enthusiast to be honest but the Quality Goods Export streams have been life changing!

Finally, where is the first place you’re going once lockdown is lifted?

Had a tattoo scheduled for last month that I had to miss — so I’d say the tattoo parlour haha.


Ian Munro – Days Before The Flood
Leotrix – Meteor
AWAY – Sleepwalking (feat. London Thor)
Acloudyskye – Parting Gift 
Slashrr – Take Care 
Taska Black – Dead Inside (feat. Ayelle)
1788-L – NU / VER / KA ] Ian Munro – Occam’s Razor (feat Bijou Dream) 
Lil Peep – Starshopping (Ian Munro Remix)
Ian Munro + Serion – Escape Reality (feat. Dabl) 
Ian Munro + UZ – Without Me (Acapella) 
RL Grime + Graves – Arcus (Just A Tune Flip)
Ian Munro + UZ – Without Me (Rad Hatter Remix) 
Ian Munro – Murmur (w/ Rushing Back Acapela)
Ian Munro – Murmur (CORTR Remix)
MICA + Hailure – ID [18:35] Ian Munro + Amethyst – Alone, for Now
EASTGHOST – Sunshine [21:02] Crywolf – Ultraviolent (MICA Remix)
Galyax + dobi – to be defensive
Barnacle Boi – Displaced 
Lewis Grant – Jump 

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