If any track has a good backstory, its “Happy Sadness” by Guantanamo Bae. The rising act took inspiration from his time spent working as a prison guard in Guantanamo Bay. After experencing a wide range of emotions dealing with the secluded conditions, he wrote the single.

Now, Jämes Jäger puts his talents to the test by adding an epic dance twist. The brand new remix offers an energetic beat, addictive vocal chops and an effortlessly powerful bassline. The result is a gratifying sound that is unique to Jäger but stays true to the original single.

Jämes Jäger is a DJ and producer who is currently based in the New York and Philadelphia metropolitan areas. The Drexel University graduate has performed alongside names like Bassjackers, DJ Hollywood, Morgan Page and more. He continues to make an impact with his brand new remix for Gauntanamo Bae.

Stream the Jämes Jäger remix of “Happy Sadness” below.



Guantanamo Bae's (GB) prodigious power to compose innovative and superior EDM tracks began as a
pastime in college that fused into publishing on streaming platforms. Garnering responses from
exuberant supporters, GB turned his attention to live performances, a serious-minded craft that is as
important to producing the music alone.
Amid the global explosion of Electronic Dance Music, a genre that thrives almost exclusively in
nightclubs and festivals of cosmopolitan cities, GB emerged from the small farm town of DeSoto,
Missouri. After serving in the U.S. Navy, he relocated to New York City to attend college and the music
passion began. Experimenting with GarageBand and advancing to Ableton GB., GB was able to share
tracks with close friends at house parties and small club gatherings in New York City.
Guantanamo Bae understands everyone's need for a diversion from these challenging. He accomplishes
this by incorporating melodic mixes and uplifting elements that is a celebration on the dance floor. With
sizeable performances shows forthcoming, GB is excited and focused to carry on his rapid rise out of a
small farm town to the around the globe.