Dim Mak is a record label based out of Los Angeles that was founded by none other than the legendary Steve Aoki. The label was first established in 1996 and has vastly grown into one of the top labels in electronic dance music today. Dim Mak has released tunes from headliners such as Infected Mushroom, MSTKRFT, The Bloody Beetroots, Mustard Pimp and Felix Cartel. Its newest project, New Noise, highlights new artists and essentially the discovery of cutting edge sounds across the genre’s spectrum.

New Noise was launched ten years ago, but as of 2015 the platform has been releasing bi-weekly free downloads, a model that was based on singles. One of the most intriguing parts of the New Noise complex is that the platform operates copyright free, which gives all inclusive rights to the community of Twitch gamers and amateur YouTube creators to use New Noise music in their videos and live streams without the need to purchase or pay fees. The only thing that New Noise looks for in exchange is the request for content creators to link back to the artists and their music.

This week’s featured artist to stream and download is a young Israeli producer named Whales, who brings a lively bass tune to the table.Whales broke into the electronic dance scene at the tender age of 15, but his music has reached well over 500 million plays worldwide. Whales has preformed in North America, China, Canada, and even across Europe. 

Whales is known for his heavy releases, like his Disciple Round Table EP, which includes collabs with Megladon, SHARPS, The Arcturians and JOOL. His latest release, “Fade Away,” has blown fans away with its catchy melody and insane drops.

Download and stream “Fade Away” here.

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