There’s something undeniably nostalgic about ’90s-inspired acid house and techno sounds, and multifaceted producer HELLBOUND! is taking full advantage of that fact with his forward-thinking productions.

The artist, who previously went by Tascione, blends classic rave elements with modern sounds to produce something refreshingly different. With over 100,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and counting as well as releases on labels like Welcome Records, Night Mode, Ultra Records and more, it’s clear that there is a lot in store for this exciting new project.

We teamed up with HELLBOUND! for an in-depth conversation about his different aliases, some of his favorite classics, what he has in the works and more. Check it out and stream his exclusive guest mix below.

Thanks for chatting with us today! How have you been staying positive during these strange times?

Anytime! Stoked to be here. Man, it’s been tough to stay 100 percent positive during these times, but we don’t really have a choice. Negativity just breeds more negativity. I’ve tried to look at this time I have stuck in my house as an opportunity to spend more time experimenting in the studio. I’m learning and trying new things every day, taking risks, and working on something big that I hope will change the “blueprint” most artists feel like they need to follow. 

A lot of people might not be aware of the fact that you originally produced under the alias Tascione. Can you tell us more about what sparked the creation of the HELLBOUND! Project?

Okay this is going to be a long answer so bear with me. So, probably around 2017-2018 I started to feel the bass music scene becoming incredibly stale. Regardless of whether that’s a true or false statement, it’s how I felt and that was enough for me to know I needed change. It felt less artistic and more like I was trying to get a high score in a video game. Who has the craziest drops, who has the loudest song, who is the funniest on Twitter, who has the cleanest mixdowns. It was wearing on me. So around the summer of 2018 I completely went ghost on the Tascione project. I wasn’t even making music, and I almost quit at one point. One day, while deep diving YouTube, I stumbled upon a video titled “Acid House 1958” and was like, wait hold up. So I kept going through the years looking at the evolution of dance music and when I got to the 90’s I was overwhelmed with so many emotions. It was the first time I fell in love with a sound since probably around 2012. The raw rhythms with a big scoop of nostalgia really touched me in a way. From jungle, to techno, acid, and house, I just loved it all. I’m looking to take that sound and reinvent it in a new way. I’m trying to resurrect the true meaning of a rave and create an immersive environment for people to escape. I’m a true artist to my core. I knew this would be a risk, but I haven’t even scratched the surface of where I want to take this project. 

What records did you listen to that invigorated your passion for a rave-inspired sound?

So there are different waves of music I listen to: true 90’s rave of all kinds and the more modern style of techno coming out of Europe. As far as the 90’s rave stuff some of my favorite songs are:

Manix – Alright Wid Me

Manix – Hardcore Junglism

Manix – Feel Real Good

Acen – Return II 2092

Liquid – Sweet Harmony

Mostly for 90’s stuff I just look up obscure cassette mixes and just jam out. A lot of gems are just random songs I can’t identify.

As far as more of the modern techno sound, my favorite songs are:

Raito – Rave 92 (still has that 90’s feel though, Raito is incredible)

Clouds – Sharp Like a Razor

Clouds – Future 1

MRD – Saphed

Ansome, Ossian – Death +1

Randomer – Sylo

Randomer – Smokin

Rikhter – Phinom Enhah

RVDE – 90’s Hammer (Perc Remix)

Anything fast, hard, obscure, scary, anxiety inducing is the techno for me.

You revealed that you were nearing your breaking point when you formed your new alias. What steps do you think newer artists can take to avoid feeling that sort of burnout?

In my case I just got extremely tired of bass music and felt as though I had to follow a blueprint to be successful. “Why don’t you try dubstep” is what I was told and I just didn’t like dubstep and was like I’m not going to bend for anyone or any trend. That’s when I was like wow, am I less important than a trend? Do I want my art to be a product of a wave or do I want the wave to be a product of my art? I chose the latter which is what I personally believed was the key to my happiness. However, everyone is different so I don’t want to sound like I’m preaching like I’m somehow more “woke” than the next. I think generally it’s just vital to constantly check yourself and ask yourself “am I compromising my vision to fit in?” Even if the answer is “yes but only 10 percent,” it will only be a matter of time before you are sucked dry of your passion. 

Do you plan to return to the Tascione project in the future or is it a distant memory?

Never. It’s HELLBOUND! Forever. 

You’ve mentioned that you tend to watch videos or visual content when you’re in the studio. What are some of your favorite things to watch when creating?

Lately I’ve been actually making music entirely on my Push 2 controller, not even looking at Ableton at all. It helps me get in the zone more using my hands rather than clicking around a screen on my mouse. It’s more performative and just overall more fun. As far as visuals, I like to watch these A/V sets done by the label HATE. Some of the visual sets I’ll watch are done by the artists FJAAK, 999999999, Remko Beekwilder, and I HATE MODELS. Other than that I’ll usually watch weird horror movies on Netflix. 

Where did your passion for design come from and how do you plan to incorporate it into this project in the future?

My passion for design actually started back when I was in middle school. Before music production, my passion was video editing. I loved creating motion graphics using after effects and editing movies with Premiere Pro. From that I learned Photoshop and just loved creating anything I could on the computer. I’ve already been incorporating a lot of my design skills into the project. I’ve created every piece of visual content aside from artwork for music I’ve released on other labels. All the videos I create for my releases are entirely done by me and I plan to keep it that way and build on it. I’m currently working on a big audio/visual project and plan to bring more of an immersive cinematic storytelling experience to my releases, rather than just a collection of “bangers.”

In the short year your project has existed, you already have collabs with names like KAYZO and Murci under your name. What can we expect to hear from you next?

As far as collabs, I have some more in the works I’m not ready to disclose right now. What you can expect from me next is a sound not being done by anyone here in the US. All of my inspiration is from European artists and I plan to bring that vibe here in my own way. I’m creating a sound truly unlike anyone else, but at the same time reminiscent of so many familiar emotions, settings, and experiences. 

Name three things we’ll be able to expect from a HELLBOUND! live show post-COVID-19.

1. An immersive, nostalgic experience that you have to be a part of to understand. From sounds, moods, emotions, visuals, this project fully embodies all of MY feelings. No compromises. 
2. A ton of unreleased music.
3. A chance to join my cult and forever be HELLBOUND!

Finally, what will we be hearing in your Noiseporn mix today?

What you’ll be hearing in this mix is a collection of my original releases, my unreleased tunes, and my favorite music spanning multiple genres, emotions, and vibes. This is my favorite mix I’ve done so far and is only scratching the surface of what I have planned.


0:00 – 1:45 – HELLBOUND! – ID
3:40 – 5:09 – D-Unity, Metodi Hristov – Paralyzed Injection
5:09 – 6:52 – HELLBOUND! – ID
6:52 – 8:58 – Lorenzo Zurcher – Feel The Acid
8:58 – 11:29 – Dominik Schwarz, A*S*Y*S – Dark Light
11:29 – 13:10 – Dok & Martin – The Witch
13:10 – 14:35 – ANNA & Miss Kittin – Forever Ravers
14:35 – 16:20 – Shlomi Aber – Can You Relax
16:20 – 18:16 – Balthazar & JackRock – Red Village Disco Hustle (Original Mix)
18:16 – 19:15 – I Am Bam & Ignacio Arfeli – Noises in My Head
19:15 – 20:42 – Raito – Hot Temptation
22:13 – 24:20 – EPROM – HOPE (HELLBOUND! FLIP)
24:20 – 25:15 – Baauer – Planets Mad
25:15 – 25:50 – Baaer – Planets Mad x Clouds – Future One
25:50 – 26:15 – Clouds – Future One
26:15 – 27:40 – Clouds – Future One x ROBPM – Seat Belt
27:40 – 28:26 – ROBPM – Seat Belt
28:26 – 29:23 – ROBPM – Seat Belt x MRD – 10Days
29:23 – 29:52 – MRD – 10Days
29:52 – 32:28 – Alignment – Time
32:28 – 34:08 – HELLBOUND! – ID
34:08 – 36:58 – HELLBOUND! – ID
36:58 – 38:49 – MRD – Saphed
38:49 – 40:53 – Alighment – Infinity
40:53 – 42:15 – Trym – Transition
42:15 – 44:33 – HELLBOUND! – I WANT IT ALL
44:33 – 45:27 – DJ Ogi – Ruzina
45:27 – 47:43 – Viper Diva – Born To Be Slytherin (Tbilisi Mix)
47:43 – 49:20 – ORGIE – Die Another Day
49:20 – 51:33 – Rikhter – Phiom Enhah (Original Mix)
51:33 – 53:41 – Sheefit – Mood Control
53:41 – 55:25 -Mario Ranieri – Miss Me (Svetec Remix)
55:25 – 56:42 – Otira – Black Dog
56:42 – 58:25 – G-Jones – Help, I Can’t Find My Way Out
58:25 – 1:00:04 – HELLBOUND! x ID – ID

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