UZ and Oski are officially bringing trap back into the limelight where it belongs, but in a new fresh take. Their two-track Freezer EP is a collaboration of epic proportions, bringing an innovative new flavor to one of the most classic and endeared electronic genres. These two have decided to make a bold statement on the history and future of trap via this release, and with the long-time history they share with the industry, this contribution is sure to make waves.

The first single, “Freezer,” starts off with high-pitched laser sounds and builds into a powerful video game-esque beat. The overall vibe is experimental in nature, but always resorting back to the fire drop beat that makes it perfectly trap. With the repetition of the vocal chop “bounce,” you can’t help but feel hype through the bleeps and bloops.

The second installment is fittingly called “Bass Tang,” starting out with what sounds like a megaphone call to the dance floor erupting into whipped bass drops highlighted with bells and claps. The break brings back that experimental trap sound, creating an ethereal and tribal outlook. Towards the end of the single we experience a break-dancelike moment before it closes out.

Let your trap inspiration take flight and check out the full EP below.

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